AErial RObotic System

for In-Depth Bridge Inspection by Contact

WP6 - System Integration and Validation in the Laboratory 

The objective of this WP is to integrate smoothly all the components developed in WP2 to 5. The integration is performed in 3 main steps:

  • Set-up of the integration platform (including tools like environment simulation to test the components)
  • Perform the physical integration (test and validation of interfaces)
  • Perform the functional integration (test and validation of the process chains).

To de-risk the integration process and in parallel check with the end-user the soundness of the concept, two versions of the system will be developed during the project lifetime:

  • V1: Factory version of the system to be used in coordination with the end-users to refine the concept and to perform the feasibility tests, V2: Version for the two trials. 
  • V2: will include 2 sub-versions: V2-A for river bridge T2 of Egnatia motorways and V2- B (taking into account the feed-backs from the previous trials) for the bridge over Strymonas river.


Work Package Leader: