AErial RObotic System

for In-Depth Bridge Inspection by Contact

WP10 - Consortium Management 

  • To ensure the project’s proper management and the achievement of its objectives in accordance with its time schedule and budget
  • To receive the Community financial contribution and distribute it in the consortium
  • To provide administrative and financial management, including obtaining the certificates on the financial statements from the participants when required, verifying all the partners’ access to the grant agreement and keep the records and financial accounts
  • To ensure efficient planning, scientific/technical coordination, fostering the flow of information between participants and between work packages and provide the communication with the European Commission
  • To ensure successful implementation of the innovative ideas
  • To provide continuous monitoring of the project progress and assure the quality of all project deliverables
  • To ensure efficient steering of the activities, efficient conflict management and establishment of a clear decision making process
  • To guarantee that all contractual, legal, ethical and gender equality issues related to the project research are properly considered and any relevant conventions are respected.

Work Package Leader: